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Our goal is to help our local franchise stores and make them become No.1 in sales!

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With the highest technology in Korea, Selsemo Tech established its own smart operating platform and built a complete automatic car wash.


We would like to make this new self-service car wash culture successful as the first together with you.

If you are a founder with entrepreneurial spirits who has a site to operate for more than five years, knows how to make accurate investments, knows that the best-quality facilities make the most successful, and understands what it means to join forces with 300 branches nationwide, we are eager to make challenges for 100% success in franchising with you.

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Welcome to Selsemo Tech, a perfect partner for your growth in the self-service car wash business with competitive advantages in the industry built through years of experience and outstanding business capabilities.

Each year attracting customers with more innovative challenges, Selsemo has developed a new self-service car wash design theme and now leads the transformation of it wash into a complex cultural space.

  • Selsemo offers you a franchise system. This is a franchise without any franchise fees or loyalty.
  • We are prepared with an exclusive A/S team system unique in the country.

  • We are the No.1 company in domestic sales for 7 years in a row.
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