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DIY Car Wash Center

The best design met equipment with the highest technology. Selsemo’s new version premium self-service car wash.


No.1 in sales for 7 years in a row & No.1 in customer satisfaction!
Why Selsemo?

Design competitiveness

· Our constantly innovating development and proprietorship earning of self-service car wash design enables to maintain the industry-leading level of design competitiveness
· We developed an self-assembly type modular design rather than the conventional welding method (first in the industry)

Smart Integrated Operation Platform

· We provide an integrated operating platform that maximizes convenience in store operation (first in the industry)
· We offer improvement in the operation efficiency for franchise stores smart services for the customers

Total solution

· We provide a one-stop total solution from business franchise consulting, market analysis to complete construction, A/S, and educational support
· Our Selsemo’s supervisors provide professional supports in all areas for your successful franchising

Selsemo, a construction company specializing in large self-service car wash recognized by more than 80 % of Korean building owners

While creating the trends in the domestic self-service car wash market, Selsemo is leading the market with incomparably high quality construction with its unique identity.

Selsemo Special Paint Construction

We don’t use the traditional enamel paints with bleach and low durability, but rather we use Selsemo Tech’s special paint of which the durability is five-times stronger and the color formation seven-times brighter.

Selsemo signboard

It has excellent advertising effect by using a packaged signboard in a self-service car wash and has excellent cyanide as it can be easily found during the day and night.

A shade canopy with our know-hows

We narrowed the gap between the trusses, and maximized durability with the unique technology of Selsemo Tech, and introduced an automatic switching system.

Use 100% LED light

This provides a visual effect to our consumers and shows an image of a premium self-service car wash using only LED lighting to reduce electricity taxes, increase illuminance levels and color temperatures.

Colored steel plates

It fundamentally addresses the issue of security breaches and safety concerns in neighboring areas and creates a luxurious self-service car wash.

Strong heating waves to prevent freeze bursts

The heat waves Selsemo uses are domestic products with the durability 10-times higher than the imported products (minimum service life of 10 years).

Special Detailing Shop

Innovative Space Creating Premium Detailing Culture – One Step Ahead

SEL CARWASH is leading the car wash market as a revolutionary paradigm for detailing shops.

Selsemo Tech’s strategy is to create a ‘premium detailing culture’ by using interior and state-of-the-art equipment that is one step ahead of the increasingly sophisticated detailers.

Now that everything is being designed across every lifestyles, we need more than just competitive pricing, but rather more advanced design to meet consumers’ needs. Our Sel Carwash adapts to this market flow quickly and grows rapidly, establishing itself as the No. 1 industry leader with high quality and excellent marketing competitiveness.


SEL CARWASH places great emphasis on modern and luxurious exterior designs to enhance brand value, and aims for Universal Design at the same time, which includes functional design.


As unforeseeable difficulties could arise while operating detailing shops, it is very helpful to start your business with the help of our professional construction which could also maximize your promotional effect.


As the consumers in their 20s and 30s increased, our luxurious interior could provide you excellent appeal for them.