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Selsemo Tech

Selsemo Tech Co., is the leading company in self-service car wash industry in Korea which creates new culture.
Starting with our flagship self-service car wash brand Selsemo, we are creating an innovative paradigm for the car wash industry in Korea through offering one-stop services ranging from system development, equipment manufacturing, car wash construction, design, operation management and research development.

Business Area

Korea’s self-service car wash market leader Selsemo Tech Co., provides one-stop total solution from self-service car wash construction to car wash equipment and waste water treatment facility supplies, car wash products, A/S, operational management and marketing support. Based on our hundreds of member stores and a solid A/S network nationwide, Selsemo Tech offers you an operation system with higher level and stable profit generation.

Selsemo, a leading brand in the self-service car wash culture in Korea, would be the true leader as we create complex cultural spaces.