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Eagon Tech

Eagon Tech Co., is the leading company in self-service car wash industry in Korea which creates new culture.
Starting with our flagship self-service car wash brand Selsemo, we are creating an innovative paradigm for the car wash industry in Korea through offering one-stop services ranging from system development, equipment manufacturing, car wash construction, design, operation management and research development.

Awarded the Minister of Small and Medium Business Administration Prize

Venture Company Confirmation

Quality Certification System ISO 9001

InnoBiz Tech-Innovative Small/Medium Business Certification

Awarded the Minister of Small and Medium Business Administration Prize as the Venture of the Year

Selected as the Innovative Korean by Sports Seoul in 2015

Selected as an excellent company for employment in 2015 and 2017

Designated as a human resource development small and medium-sized enterprise in 2017

Applied for a number of patents, such as car wash frame, Shark Bay

Interview with Issue Maker in 2015

Selected as the family company of the Korea Institute of Energy Research

Selected as a promising company in Daejeon by Power Korea in 2016

Our history


  • Awarded the Minister of Small and Medium Business Administration Prize (Small/Medium Business Technology Innovation Fair)
  • Excellent Employment Company Certification (Daejeon Metropolitan City Hall)
  • Talent Training Small/Medium Business Certification (Ministry of SMEs and Startups)
  • Export-Promising Small/Medium Business Certification (Daejeon Techno Park)
  • Venture Company Re-certification
  • Business with Military Service Exemption Certification
  • IPP Work-Study combined system Certification
  • Small-size waste water treatment facility CE Certification
  • MOU with Hanyang University, Daejeon University LINC Business Organization
  • MOU with Hanbat National University Inno Polis Organization
  • MOU with Go Green Group (Laos)
  • Industrial cooperation with Hanbat National University
  • Agreement on Family Company with Hanyang University and Hannam University
  • Agreement on specialized vocational schools with Chungnam Mechanical Technical High School
  • Industrial Cooperation with Chungbuk Semiconductor High School
  • Car wash design development – Joy Ver. (tentative)
  • Brand development, Self-washing room/detailing shops
  • Reached 300th branch of Selsemo local store
  • Opened Selsemo Daejeon Yoocheon Branch (Antenna shop)
  • Patent applied, 4 on small-size waste water treatment system/1 on car wash system/ 1 on car wash equipment
  • Design registered, 1 on car wash design


  • Awarded the Venture of the Year in 2016 (Ministry of SMEs)
  • ) InnoBiz Certification (Tech-Innovative SME)
  • Founded corporate-affiliated research institute
  • Registered Environmental Specialist Construction Company (on water quality)
  • Shark Ver. Car wash design development – Shark Ver.
  • Patent applied, 1 on car wash system/ 1 on small-size waste water facility
  • Service copyright registered, 1 on SEL


  • Head office transferred to Gwanpyeong-dong, Yooseong-gu, Daejeon
  • Acknowledged as the Promising Venture Company by Korea Technology Finance Corporation
  • Acknowledged as the Excellent Employment Company by Daejeon Metropolitan City Hall
  • Female-friendly Company Certification (Federation of Korea Women’s Industries)
  • ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification
  • Introduced IT + POS System
  • Selected as the Innovative Korean in 2015 (Sports Seoul)
  • Reached 200th branch of Selsemo local store
  • Shark Ver. Car wash design development – Shark Ver.


  • Supply Contract with Hwaseong service station self-service car wash
  • Revolution Ver. Car wash design development – Revolution Ver.
  • Detailing Shop Brand development
  • Opened the Wholesale shopping mall ‘3 Box Mall’


  • 2013.07.01 Founded Eagon Tech Co., Ltd.

Business Area

Korea’s self-service car wash market leader Eagon Tech Co., provides one-stop total solution from self-service car wash construction to car wash equipment and waste water treatment facility supplies, car wash products, A/S, operational management and marketing support. Based on our hundreds of member stores and a solid A/S network nationwide, Eagon Tech offers you an operation system with higher level and stable profit generation.

Selsemo, a leading brand in the self-service car wash culture in Korea, would be the true leader as we create complex cultural spaces.