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Franchise Consulting

With the high-quality technology and know-hows gained so far, Selsemo Tech is the perfect way for you to start a successful business, as we provide complete consulting services from construction to operations.

Market & Profitability analysis

As the No.1 self-service car wash construction company in Korea, we provide optimal guidance through professional consulting based on our experiences over 10 years and know-hows in self-service car wash.

Optimized construction

We design pre-construction site layouts through 3D Modeling tools to figure out the optimal construction method, and lay the foundation for perfect construction through a systematic supplementation process. We also offer reasonable estimates based on results from the bird’s eye view analysis.

Diagnosis and planning of combined items

We conduct item diagnosis in each area to ensure you stable additional revenue along with the operation of a high-yield self-service car wash. Based on the result of the diagnosis, we plan new business combination considering the commercial market and operational type, and supports their application to the site.

Store operation and training support

We’ll send you capable supervisors from our headquarters who’s proven successful and professional by cases from around the country. In addition to the equipment operation, we help you in management measures for successful management, and marketing capabilities to ensure perfect opening of your business.