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Franchise Guidelines

Selsemo Tech combines our specialized skills, interior capabilities, and advanced high-end design with materials that have been rigorously examined and build the best-quality self-service car wash in Korea.

Here is Selsemo Tech`s thorough and systematic process of constructing a self-service car wash.


Find a site.


Verify car wash authorization.
Call your local government’s construction department and let them know your address so that you can immediately be notified of your approval.


Proceed to the site visit as the situation may be different from the satellite map provided by portal sites.
First, we discuss the site visit schedule with the staff of the Selsemo Tech Headquarters, and then have a field meeting.
(Layout may vary depending on site conditions.)


Meet with the person in charge at the head office, and check whether the machine assembly and its self-production, and A/S availability.
Also, review the Land Use Planning Board, satellite imagery, land register, and building register, and designate and decide the overall layout of the facility.
This process allows you to immediately check for estimates.
* A relatively accurate estimate within the margin of error of 10 million won is immediately available.


Proceed the lease contract on the site.
(Skipped if the operator is the actual owner)


Write a construction contract.


Selsemo Tech will proceed the architectural design and car wash permit procedures on behalf of you.


Perform field work when the approval is completed.
* Approximately 2 months for civil engineering and construction work


Proceed with the ongoing management until completion, with 2 to 3 meetings on site.


Construction completion and initial supply are received and start preparing for the operation.
* 15 days for completion and facility construction


Conduct field testing, such as equipment, and conduct sales.
*1 week for trial test and open preparation

Grand Open

We wish your successful business.


An approximate estimate can be made only when a site area, arrangement (number of bays available for arrangement), and other figures are set.
Selsemo Tech supports detailed consultations with the specialists in the field.

For your own land per month, it costs 3 to 4 million won for Seoul/Gyeonggi Province per bay and 200 to 2.5 million won for local areas.
Fixed expenses during operation including water, electricity, and goods are about one million won. During the winter months, heating and wiping facilities, etc. will increase spending by 30% or even rent will be incurred on rental premises.

We do not help you for a site at our headquarters, so you should contact a local authorized real estate dealer directly.
But later, after the site is available, we can check the market analysis and approval details.

Please check “Operation Basics” on the Selsemo Café, and the most recommended way is to check with the relevant city/district office’s approval personnel.

It depends greatly on the type of site. As from 4 to 5 bays, you need about 150 to 250 pyeong.
For more information, you can consult an expert from our head office.

Basically we recommend you to sign a minimum 5 years contract, and discuss the extension details with the landowner.