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ICT small-size waste water treatment facilities

Eagon Tech Co., LTD is conducting research on wastewater treatment technology under our motto, “We would transform waste water produced in our own business processes to clean water.”

Eagon Tech’s philosophy of considering the environment
ICT small-size waste water treatment facilities

Eagon Tech is making every effort to solve the environmental pollution problem which was addressed as a chronic problem of car wash facilities, and enhance the management expertise of new member stores at the same time.
This facility is an upper level version of conventional wastewater treatment facility, and it maximizes convenience of management by allowing unmanned automatic operation.

Applied Cyclone System

  • Reduced waste water sludge
  • Increased efficiency of waste water treatment
  • Reduced volume of waste water treatment facilities
  • Ground-resistant facilities rather than underground landfill methods
  • Car wash waste water reusable at some level

Small-size TMS system installed

  • Measurement of the volume and emission of wastewater
  • Establishment of optimization algorithm for chemical dosing injection
  • Real-time monitoring (mobile) of compliance with environmental standards of wastewater
  • Remote control according to equipment operating conditions
  • Wastewater drainage diary automatically generated (added)

Questions about ICT Small-size Wastewater Treatment Systems!

Yes, of course!
You can measure car wash wastewater level and manage the data, automatically generate wastewater treatment journals and have access to real-time remote control!
Selsemo’s wastewater treatment system is applied with a recycle system which allows some of the purified wastewater to be reused again.