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Franchise starting process

Self-cleaning is now a new culture. Only the No. 1 brand can work with you together to create a number one sales self-service car wash.

01 Telephone consultation

셀세모 대표전화 번호 +82-1670-5518 로 전화하셔서 상담을 받으세요. 부지주소, 평수, 소유형태,원하시는 크기의 정보가 필요합니다.

02 Field exploration

After exploring the site, we combine the strategic presentations of our store experiences in 300 member stores with the soon-to-be-owner of the regional branch, who knows the best about the local environment.

03 Head Office Visit

Estimates can be made through our head office’s estimate system to realize a specific model and set the investable extent.

04 Equipment (facility) contract

We establish a contract with you for construction of basic equipment and car wash facilities based on estimates and drawings.

05 Architectural design / approval application

To ensure that the most efficient cost is put on construction and civil engineering work, we conduct application for approval after concept meetings with the company’s headquarters, architectural designers, and contractors.

06 Civil Engineering/Construction Contracts

Based on the design drawings of a defined concept, we calculate civil engineering and architectural estimates and carries out a second contract.

07 Construction

With its construction team of numerous experiences, Selsemo Tech constructs the best quality car wash for four to five months.

Primary Marketing Support
· Store Promotion
· Experience & Advertisement Postings on Blog/Cafes
· Supports for the local registration on portal sites

08 Sales goods supplies

The store manager, who will be responsible for the circuit inspection of machines and product supply, will guide you and provide the items required to operate the car wash.

Initial products discount
· Discount only on initial order items for new member stores