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ICT Platform System

Selsemo built its own smart operating platform with the best technology in Korea and completed the fully automatic self-service car wash.

Korea’s first smart control integrated platform
IT-POS System

SELSEMO history inquiry system

Real-time revenue counting

Selsemo Tech provides the IT integrated system to make it easier and more stable to operate and manage self-service car wash for franchise owners.

Real-time monitoring of all car wash operations, usage rates and sales information is provided within a single view, and allows you to remote control and changes in settings such as rates and time.
You can also check and recover your credit card history on this platform, so you can handle various customer complaints and claims for malicious refunds.

Key functions

  • Provides alarms/alerts for effective management within a given time (start and close time of sales, etc.)
  • Set up for individual control of the interior facilities within the self-service car wash
    (However, individual and general controls are available depending on the type of facility.)
  • Provides monitoring of car wash performance
  • Real-time monitoring using car wash CCTV